The Anchorage Collective

Our Heart

Journeying alongside people for growth: in Christ, in calling, in identity

Retreats and Professional Development

The Anchorage offers retreats and professional development across a range of areas including spiritual renewal, leadership development, pastoral skills and life journey renewal. You can participate in one we are hosting or have us come and facilitate something tailored to your group.

Finding Who You are After

If you’re looking for a pastoral or clinical supervisor, spiritual director, trainer/ facilitator, mentor, coach or counsellor, The Collective has a range of practitioners who are highly mature, skilled and vibrant in their areas of calling and expertise. Select from a range of possibilities.

Short Reads

Ash, burnout and finding your way back

November 17 2023 | Monica O'Neil

This museum full of ash
Once a tickle
Now a rash
This used to be a funhouse
But now it's full of evil clowns
It's time to start the countdown
I'm gonna...

Coming Up

Soul Space Online Wed each week (in school term)

July 17 2024 | your lounge or wherever you like

Join online as we are guided in a gospel contemplation, lectio divina or other meditation practices.

Join here

Expert facilitation helps you connect with the God who loves you, refining your ability for two way communication with God.
Once you have joined, you can exit camera on mode and participate in the privacy of your own space and relationship with God.
Feedback and sharing is also offered but never required.

This is a space for your soul to flourish as you spend time with God personally, in the presence of others.