About Us

A context, not a destination

The Anchorage Collective began with a group of long-haul ministers dreaming of a context.

One where they could be a missional community, walking with others who care deeply (or once did) about their vocation.

We dreamed of crafting contexts where others could find they are not alone and be strengthened, encouraged and comforted.

We are committed to the 'iron sharpening iron' principle in Proverbs.

We are dedicated lifelong learners and reflective practitioners of our varying vocations.

And some of us have a 'wicked' sense of humour.

When and How

Regularly and diversely

Our collective goal is not to establish a rigid, back-breaking roster of events, but a suite of bespoke contexts and opportunities to grow.

Our 1:1 contexts and gatherings focus on specific ways or areas of development.

Group gatherings are tailored for particular shared stages or interests.

We consider intentional relating (such as supervision, mentoring and spiritual direction,) retreats and group learning (with good food of course) as part of the glue that will not only connect us, but give us the tools to equip others and establish our own lives deeply in Christ.

For people who serve
For people who lead
For People who care

For who?
For you
  • Our People

    Get to know us!

  • Monica O'Neil

    Founder, Pastoral Supervisor and Mentor

    Monica is a Supervisor Trainer with The Anchorage Collective. She is also a faculty member of...

  • Jeanette Rigley

    Pastoral and Clinical Supervisor, Spiritual Director, Counsellor, Mentor

    Jeanette’s passion is to impact and transform lives through meaningful, safe, and grace-filled...

  • Jonathan Crane

    Pastoral Supervisor

    Jonno provides supervision for those involved in pastoral and intercultural ministry. He loves to...

  • Heather Crane

    Spiritual Director

    From serving in Christian ministry for almost three decades, raising and home-schooling a family...

  • Rob Douglas

    Pastoral Supervisor

    Rob leads a focus on mission with the Western Australian Presbytery of the Uniting Church in...

  • Em Seinemeier

    Pastoral Supervisor, Mentor, Trainer, Coach

    A skilled and seasoned practitioner, Em offers a brave and safe place for courageous conversations...

  • Wade Sinclair

    Pastoral Supervisor

    Wade is a professional pastoral supervisor and experienced leader in church, chaplaincy and...

  • Adrienne Inch

    Spiritual Director, Trainer and Facilitator

    Adrienne discovered a spirituality of journeying with God through receiving spiritual direction...

  • Janelle Palmer

    Pastoral Supervisor, Mentor

    Janelle has experience in both pastoral ministry and education across a variety of city and...

  • Ian Wilson

    Pastoral Supervisor and Spiritual Director

    Ian provides a safe space where you can reflect on your ministry practice (supervision) and your...

  • Dr Tania Watson

    Mentor and Supervisor

    Tania is the Executive Minister of Riverview Church in Perth, Western Australia. From 2009-2019,...

  • Sheryll Flynn

    Pastoral Supervisor and Counsellor

    Sheryll is a pastoral supervisor and counsellor with over 30 years in Christian ministry. She has...

  • Michael Bullard

    Pastoral Supervisor

    Mike has been accredited with Churches of Christ in WA and is currently an Accredited Baptist...

  • Karen Siggins

    Pastoral Supervisor

    As a young child Karen learnt from her parents that God is love and when she was older, she...

  • Janine Sara

    Pastoral Supervisor

    Janine has experience in both pastoral and chaplaincy environments. As a supervisor (in process)...

Our Standards

Here are some guiding documents that might matter to you. They do to us.
(We are gradually adding these. If you wish to see others please be in touch and request them.)

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The Anchorage
68 Waverley Street
Dianella WA 6059

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(08) 9275 3773