Rob Douglas

Rob leads a focus on mission with the Western Australian Presbytery of the Uniting Church in Australia. He has been a Baptist pastor for more than 30 years, having worked for many years in regional Western Australia.

He has been actively involved in the not-for-profit sector at both Board and management level, with experience in the areas of disability, mental health, domestic violence, justice, and counselling. Rob has also led chaplaincy in the aged care sector.

Rob is author of two books, “He Speaks our Language”, and “Come, Eat With Me”. In supervision, Rob will help you to reflect on your work so that you can grow in faithful practice.


Graduate Certificate in Not-for-Profit Leadership and Management, Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Pastoral)(Clinical)


Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS)

Experiences Areas

Local Church Leadership, and Not for Profit Leadership.

Specialty Areas

Christian Ministry, Not for Profits, Leadership