Karen Siggins

As a young child Karen learnt from her parents that God is love and when she was older, she understood the words her dad always added “God is love … and everything else is a theological footnote.” Her lived experience of the authenticity of these words has (in the best seasons) shaped the decision and actions of her life.

Karen wants more than anything to live a life of following Jesus that reflects the good difference God’s love makes in life now even while we wait for the new heavens and new earth; and that relationships matter more than anything else.

To that end she is committed to helping individuals, communities and organisations to thought and action that transforms relationships towards a better lived experience in the everyday.

Karen and her husband Hadyn are enjoying grown children and grandchildren, a new neighbourhood of people to get to know having recently joined the downsizing club and the recreational, creative and relational opportunities a new season offers.


Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education, Master of Divinity, Graduate Diploma of Ministry, Graduate of Australian Institute of Education – Board Directorship, Enrolled in Graduate Certificate of Supervision


Accredited Baptist Minister since 2011

Experiences Areas

Pastor, School Teacher, Board Directorship

Specialty Areas

Working with and leading teams, leading community groups